Solar Power

We build custom Solar Power Systems to suit your home or business. Therefore you save more money and you get a quality system that will last.

Reduce your Electricity Bill

Is your electricity bill just getting higher & higher and you don't know when it's going to stop?

Help the Enviroment

By switching to a clean renewable energy your are helping reduce the earths carbon footprint.

High Quality Components

Get a system that will last for many years to come yet still very competitive on price.

Swan Hill Region Solar Power Specialists

Choosing a Solar Power System for your home can be a very overwhelming choice.  With some many different options, we understand how difficult it can be.  We will guide you to pick the best solution for your home, allowing you to save more money from your electricity bill and giving you a system that will last.

Solar Panels Swan Hill

Get a Custom Solar System ...

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We will evaluate your current electricity usage to determine if solar will be a good option for your household.  We don't do desktop quotes. We visit every site to measure the installation. This way there are not hidden cost and it ensure the system fits your needs.

Design Solar Power System

We will custom design your system to best fit to your existing house.  Allowing the system to good great and produce the optimal energy requirement.  We use quality components that will last.

Install Solar Power System

Once the system is design, our expert team of solar specialist will install the system for you.  We don't take shortcuts, this ensures you end up will a professional looking system and will deliver the energy savings you're after.

One of our projects (100kw Solar System)


Are you thinking about upgrading your energy solutions to solar?

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We provide unrivalled customer service and our customers are our priority. That’s why many of them come back to us time and time again and look to us to provide unique solutions, products, and services. Our specialist team of electricians have years of experience in offering you more energy efficient choices, saving you time and money.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, ensuring that installations, repairs, and maintenance are carried out safely and efficiently. All our staff and qualified electricians are friendly and reliable and want to ensure that you get the best product for your individual needs.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels Swan Hill

Solar Panels made to last

When choosing Solar Panels a lot needs to be considered.  How many kilowatts does it produce?  Is it tough and durable to take on the Australian climate?  We have made this process of selected Solar Panel easy.  All our Solar Panels are very tough and durable.

Why do I need a battery?

As we know the sun doesn't shine 24hrs a day, so any excess electricity is fed back into the grid. Unfortunately, Electricity companies don't want much electricity during the day, so unless you have a government rebate, you get paid very little.  A much better option is to store this power in a battery.  This power can then be utilised once the sun goes down at night.

What brand battery?

There are a huge range of batteries available and we can install any brand that you want or we can help you pick the best for your needs.  LG & Tesla batteries are the market leaders and both produce quality batteries.  Value for money we would recommend the LG battery.

LG Battery

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to be connected to the Grid?

Generally yes. Once a Solar Power System is installed a household will retain it's connection to the grid.  The power from the grid can be used to supplement the solar system if the solar system can't keep up with the peak demand.  Also, any excess power generated is fed back into the grid.

Are Government Rebates still available?

Yes.  Although the rebates are not a much as when they first came out, the cost of a solar system has reduced significantly therefore still making it an affordable solution.  The rebate varies a lot and is constantly changing so get in contact with us to see what's available for you.

How much money will I save on my electricity bill?

This question is very specific to each household.  It depends on how much electricity is consumed, what time of the day it's used, the size and location of the solar panels and if a battery is used or not.  We are happy to have a look at your electricity bill and give you an estimation for how much you could potentially save.  From this, you can work out the payback period.

What  Size Solar System do I need?

Once again this depends on the individual household.  Give us a call and we'll suggest a size for your individual circumstances.


How Solar Power Systems Works?

Solar Panel System for Home
  1. Solar energy is collected from the sun during the day.  The solar panels convert the light photons into electricity.
  2. The electricity generated is low voltage DC and needs to be converted into 240v AC like the rest of the household.  This is the job of the inverter, taking the low voltage DC current and converting it into 240v AC.
  3. As we know the sun does not shine all day long and some days are very cloudy.  For best result, a battery is used to store any excess power for use later when the sun is not shining.

Why Gary Schmidt Electrical?

Over the years many solar companies and come and gone. I'm sure you've had a few know on your door. We have had to fix many poor quality systems installed by fly-in providers.


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