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Setting up lighting in your home can be a difficult task. With so many different lights available, knowing where to place each one is a challenge. Gary Schmidt Electrical are experts in lighting and can help you achieve the best outcome that will make your home look great at night.

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Design Lighting Layout

A lighting solution will be designed for each area to maximise the light and minimise the cost.  We design for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Install Lighting

Our expert team of electricians will install the lights in a professional manner.

Residential Lighting

You want your home to just look great and gee can lighting make all the difference.  An elegant lighting solution will set your home off, making your feel great and potential adding more value to your home.

Commercial Lighting

Don't leave your customers in the dark. A properly done lighting solution will make your business feel warm and welcoming. Your customer will just want to continue to return.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of light to use?

LED lighting has become the popular choice for many lighting situations.  They are more energy efficient compared to traditional incandescent, halogen or CFL globes.  Their lifespan is also much longer.

How many lights do I need for my area?

The number of lights needed for a given area depends on the which lights are chosen, as different light will produce different amounts of light.  It also comes down to personal preference, as you may want to control the lights via a dimmer or highlight a feature inside or outside.  Gary Schmidt Electrical can help you pick the best lighting solution for your needs.

Why Gary Schmidt Electrical?

It's easy to install a light but too install an array of lights that work together to give your home an optimal look lighting solution is something different.  You don't want a room too dull but also not to glary that you need to wear sunglasses inside.  Gary Schmidt Electrical can guide you to pick the best solution.

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