Batteries for Solar Power Systems

Battery storage for Solar Power has been around more many years but only recently become an affordable option.  Both Tesla and LG provide high-quality batteries at an affordable price.  Talk to Gary Schmidt today about what could be your best option.

LG Lithium Ion Battery

LG Battery

LG produces one of the best batteries

Competition for battery storage is high therefore energy companies are continuing to produce better products at cheaper prices.  The LG product is definitely at the top of the range, having a great capacity, looks good (not too big & ugly) and is affordable.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery

Gary Schmidt Electrical is a Certified Installer for Tesla Energy making us the number one choice to install your Telsa Powerwall battery.

What makes the Tesla Powerwall so different?

Although Tesla was not the first company to introduce batteries for storing energy, it is the first to appeal to the masses.  In fact, many companies have been producing batteries for solar systems for a number of years.  The difference with the Powerwall their price, a 14kwh battery is only $8,000, making the payback period general on a few years.  The elegant style and compactness of the unit also sets the Powerwall apart from other batteries.  The unit can be easily install anywhere and doesn't need to be hidden like many other ugly batteries.

Tesla Powerwall

Why Gary Schmidt Electrical?

We don't have a one fit solution for all.  We custom build each installation to the need of our customer.  Yet we still give advice and guidance to help you choose the best possible solution.